Dear Colleagues

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in ‘International Conference on Scientific Exploration and Understanding of Tibb-e-Nabvi’ to be held on 11th  & 12th January 2020 at Mohammadia Tibbia College, Mansoora, Malegaon, Nashik (MS).

With the changing health scenario, interest of people towards the traditional system of medicine is growing worldwide. In such environment there is immense need to globalize and project Unani system of medicine with its strength of qualities in term of its phases. The Arabic period of Unani medicine is supposed to be a golden era of the system which is especially enriched by Tibb-e-Nabvi. The Tibb-e-Nabvi emphasized the needs of experimentation and observation in health care system and encouraged the researchers and physicians to explore the new vistas of research and development. It stressed upon abiding by ethics in medical practice and postulated certain codes for it in the paradigm of the teaching of Islam. Tibb-e-Nabvi by all means paved the way to envision such a medical system which ensures safe, effective and holistic management of human health. The teachings of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) in respect of health and disease may be taken as a guideline to develop a new order of health care system. The modern day unlawful commercialization of healthcare services and barbarous attitude of the professionals of the sacred art of healing require a fresh road map for a comprehensive medical system in which human body, mind, emotions and spirits are taken care of in a very humane manner.


The Theme of the Conference is ‘Scientific Exploration of Medical Guidelines and Teaching of Prophet Mohammad (SAW)’. The Conference will have dedicated sessions on Quranic plants, prophetic herbs, treatment modalities, regimens and other guidelines of health and hygiene of Tibb-e-Nabvi.

A number of eminent scientists from academia and industry associated with Medicare system & Islamic Studies have given their consent to participate and share their thoughts and experiences with the delegates of the conference. This conference will be of great help in understanding the latest scientifically oriented and evidence based effective therapeutic measure coming up fast in the world. In fact it will give new dimensions of research in Tibb-e-Nabvi.

Your presence, participations and interaction will contribute immensely to the academic and scientific content of the conference and ensure its successful and purposeful organization. On behalf of the organizing committee, we invite you to participate in the conference and take part in the scientific deliberations to make the conference a success.

Dr. Wasim Ahmad (Convener)
Dr. Abul Irfan (Organizing Chairman)